Confluence: The Rivers of Sorrow

by Through Waves

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For the past nine years, the mysterious and transcendent art of Through Waves has produced a collection of genre-bending, unique and heartbreakingly beautiful albums, entirely written, produced, performed and recorded independently by transgender woman Raine Holtz in the privacy of her own cloistered home; but it seems that even these enchanting works were only preparations for what was to come. With “Confluence: The Rivers of Sorrow”, Through Waves has taken the well-known sound of its previous albums and ascended it to the extreme, and the result is no less than sheer perfection. Never before has this obscure musical project sounded so good, to be blunt, pushing the boundaries of contemporary music with an array of traditional and acoustic instruments topped with the genderless and delicate singing of Raine Holtz, floating in a highly poetic and complex lyrical content that would bring tears even to the hardest of hearts.

Musically speaking, “Confluence: The Rivers of Sorrow” is, as its very name even implies, a conflux of different genres: a throbbing beat of hand percussions marry with the occasional fingered electric bass to produce a solid foundation for orchestrations of all kinds to emerge, sometimes plucked in rhythmic pizzicato, other times flowing effortlessly, as winds of all families divide their limelight with the imposing and brilliant sound of the hurdy-gurdy, which is the signature instrument of Raine Holtz. Ominous pianos and music boxes, celestial pads of frivolous electronica and hammered dulcimers from far-off cultures create such a multi-layered and lavish ambience, that listening to the album is impossible without compromise: it demands your attention, and easily takes it as its evocative atmosphere cannot be lightly approached. This is one of those rare works to listen with a good headset on, with eyes closed and relaxed body, the brief opening of a portal to the other spheres, sure to leave you in profound peace after the last notes fade away. Telling of a metaphorical and haunting journey of a spirit passing through the Earth, “Confluence: The Rivers of Sorrow” is a statement of pure art and unquestionable glory, a triumph of subversive artistry from the bowels of the underground. The rivers are flowing…


released June 13, 2015

Received, written, composed, designed & produced, as well as recorded & engineered by Raine Holtz at The Schooner Harbour studio, with the exception of lyrics for "The Joy That Wounds" by Thomas Castegnaro, and "Marfíneo" by Liliane Holtz. Published by Raine Holtz.

© 2015 Through Waves/The Schooner Harbour



all rights reserved


Through Waves Curitiba, Brazil

Through Waves: the sad enchantments of Raine Holtz.
Brazilian world fusion/darkwave solo act.

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